Dim Review

December 17, 2009 at 1:21 am (Uncategorized)

This year Diminished 7 released their premier album Dim Worlds. The album is quite impressive, along with the band which is comprised of Alex Crescioni on, well, everything. Alex wrote all the lyrics and music himself, even produced the album. Diminished 7 actually proves somewhat a difficulty to categorize, falling into the same goth rock as H.I.M. but has tendencies towards a metal and sometimes almost industrial sound. The album is full of breathtaking melodies and dark choppy riffs, mixing in airy keyboards and a wide range of shocking vocals. Alex’s vocals are quite unique, one of those voices that you can definitely tell who it is after listening to some of his work. His voice ranges from soft and melodic to almost airy and sweeping at times to even a low metalcore/death metal growl that would embarrass a professional baritone.  Diminished 7’s music tends to be melodic and light, but stays heavy and dark all at the same time.  Probably the best track to listen to understand this is the opening track of Dim Worlds, Your Warmth from a Candle. I could actually go into some detail  about almost every track on the album, each managing to be as breathtaking as the last. Though one of my preferred tracks would definitely have to be In Fear of the End of Days. This track goes from choppy and dark to fast and solid, much like some of Cradle of Filth’s more popular songs. The track mixes in a female Vocalist over Alex’s own vocals, at points layering almost operatic sweeping from the guest vocalist over Alex’s deep growls, and doing so surprisingly well. Another track I was thoroughly impressed with was Taste a Vampire. Enough of my simple opinion though. The best thing I could tell you to go do is go out and buy the album, it is deffinetly worth it, though you won’t find it at your local hot topic. You have to either buy a digital copy  or buy it directly from Diminished 7’s official site.



  1. ReD said,

    I’m really glad you turned me onto this guy, he’s quite good. Lovely post, must agree with almost everything you wrote. If I might offer some critique though, cut down on the description of his voice a little bit.

  2. xxsyksxx said,

    Critique is good, I do admit rereading I do ramble on a bit. I’ll definitely work on cutting stuff luck that down to a minnimum in the future.

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